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Immersion: The Perfect Sandbox for Live Events

Post authored by Justin Mizel, Account Manager, Experient Live Events I am so fortunate to be a part of the Live Events team at Experient. We are a team that embodies innovation and a passion for finding strategic solutions to … Continue reading

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How Embracing Change Leads to a More Vibrant Event Future

Post authored by Donna Kastner, Event Marketing Specialist Change. It’s all around us. And the change machine never idles. Change is that disruptive, double-edged sword that tees up both exciting opportunities to seize and perilous threats to thwart. Within the … Continue reading

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How Changing Your Thinking Helps Design Better Event Experiences

Post authored by Pattee Brown, Content Marketing Manager It’s easy to get stuck in doing things the same way every year. This method has its own advantages, such as being familiar or easy to navigate since we’ve done them the … Continue reading

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Earth Day 2017: Tips for Designing Sustainable Events

Whether you’re trying to attract younger guests or simply just want to “do your part,” designing sustainable events is worthy a challenge for any organization. As our society evolves into a more environmentally conscious mindset (including the increasing popularity of … Continue reading

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The VIP Lounge: A Podcast to Catch Event Ideas Anytime, Anywhere

Event professionals have always been on-the-go types, but in today’s fast-paced world, many are moving even faster, as they navigate through a myriad of details to orchestrate remarkable events. That’s why we launched The VIP Lounge, a podcast designed to … Continue reading

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3 Smart Event Activation Ideas to Share with Your Exhibitors

By Gary Schirmacher, SVP Industry Presence & Strategic Development When it comes to events, we’re studying this rapidly-changing business landscape from two vantage points: As a solution specialist, helping event organizers design and deliver exceptional experiences; As an investor, tapping industry … Continue reading

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Year In Review: Top Five Posts of 2016

Post authored by Mitch Cooper, Marketing Specialist As the year that was 2016 comes to a close, many of us will spend a few moments reflecting on the past 365 days. We will think about the good things that happened, … Continue reading

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Trade Show 2021: The Experience Economy Roars Louder

Post authored by Brian Strickland, Director of Sales, Sports & Enthusiast Trade show guest expectations are escalating, yet the biggest challenges for event organizers still lie ahead. At IMEX America 2016, I had the privilege of leading an Inspiration Hub … Continue reading

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Do You Have an Event Disaster Plan? Why Preparation Matters

Post authored by Chip Smith, VP of Global & Public Sector Solutions I’ve noticed that Mother Nature has not been kind lately, especially when it comes to storms and earthquakes. While we can see a severe storm threat approaching easily … Continue reading

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Destination & Venue: Two Powerful Event Experience Drivers

Post authored by Andy Smith, Senior VP, ESN & Strategic Sourcing Many event organizers are scaling up investments in experiential design, but there are two experience drivers that are often overlooked. Two early, high-impact delight or disappointment triggers that warrant more … Continue reading

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