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Global Events Part II: Managing Political Disruptors

Continuing with our Global Events series, the next topic is one that’s changing daily—Political Disruptors. In this segment from our interview with Ben Goedegebuure, of Maritz Global Events, and Gregg Talley, of Talley Management Group, they explore Brexit, travel bans, visa restrictions … Continue reading

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Convention Center Design Strategies: A Chat with SMG’s Gregg Caren

Often, we think of event experience design in the context of more intimate session rooms and networking receptions. But can these same principles be scaled to address a much larger space? As culture evolves, are convention centers designing new strategies … Continue reading

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Experience Design Lab: A Chat With Greg Bogue

Experience design is a top priority for event organizers, yet it’s a skill set many struggle to master and apply. Greg Bogue, Vice President of Experience Design at our parent company, Maritz Global Events, has helped more than 80 organizations advance … Continue reading

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Hacking the Hackathon: A Chat with Jamie Murdock

Thinking about hosting a hackathon at your next conference? This brainstorming method originally caught on in tech circles, as programmers, coders and others would congregate for a weekend to collaborate and solve complex problems. Today, hackathons are being embraced by … Continue reading

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The VIP Lounge: A Podcast to Catch Event Ideas Anytime, Anywhere

Event professionals have always been on-the-go types, but in today’s fast-paced world, many are moving even faster, as they navigate through a myriad of details to orchestrate remarkable events. That’s why we launched The VIP Lounge, a podcast designed to … Continue reading

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Real-Time Attendee Behavioral Data is a Game Changer

Tracking the behavioral data of attendees is not a new concept. It’s been an industry topic for quite some time. However, bringing that idea into the next phase and actually giving planners the ability to make impactful decisions while the … Continue reading

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Trade Show 2021: The Experience Economy Roars Louder

Post authored by Brian Strickland, Director of Sales, Sports & Enthusiast Trade show guest expectations are escalating, yet the biggest challenges for event organizers still lie ahead. At IMEX America 2016, I had the privilege of leading an Inspiration Hub … Continue reading

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Scaling Up Your Conference Content Marketing Machine

While content marketing is getting more attention these days, it’s hardly a new concept. Continue reading

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How to Be a Star: The Newest Trend in City-Wide Housing

Post authored by Heidi A. Voorhees, MBA, CAE, Senior Vice President, Housing, Experient With the new seller’s market in full swing, revenue managers are playing a bigger role than ever in deciding how much inventory to give to a group, … Continue reading

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Phishing: Your Exhibitors May Be Doing It—and It’s Naughty

Post authored by Michael Godsey, Senior Vice President of Market Development at Experient I just can’t seem to keep myself from writing titles that attempt to grab the reader’s attention. I guess it was beaten into my head during journalism … Continue reading

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